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    Model selection

    New product launch in August 2022

    971 Views 01Aug2022 Shandong Xiaogou Pet Supplies

    The company has originally designed every product from our XIAOGO company, we have proprietary intellectual property 

    rights. Until now, we have the patents from China、USA、EU、Japan, and other countries, with over 800 patents. We put 

    our faith in the endless creativity, innovation to serve humans and pets, better life with positive vibes.

    XIAOGO company launches 4 products in the public market every month, since Oct.2019. In private ordering, we have 

    launched 3-4 products, until August. 2022, we have launched 199 products to the market already, we originally designed them.

    August 2022, we have presold 4 products in the market, these products are:

    No.1 : 




    No.2 :



    No.3 :

    No.4 :

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